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[Gamzee Makara]

[Terezi Pyrope]

[Aradia megido]

[Kanaya Maryam]

[Tavros Nitram]

[Feferi Peixes]

[Sollux Captor]

[Nepeta Leijon]


Bloomsbury, Harry Potter’s UK publisher, is giving their editions of the series a facelift! With the help of artist Jonny Duddle, books 1-7 will receive brand-new cover art and the new covers will be simultaneously released on September 1, 2014 (what a fitting date!).

Mr. Duddle, as to be expected, is quite happy to be involved in the rerelease: “I’m hugely excited to work my way through the wonderful books. I couldn’t have asked for more enjoyable subject matter. It’s exciting, daunting and I feel the weight of responsibility, and I’m just hoping that my illustrations faithfully reflect the characters and world created by J.K.Rowling.”

For collectors, this news might be just as exciting and daunting as Duddle finds it, because we just had a new set of covers released last year through Scholastic, but let’s be honest with ourselves: one can never have too many Harry Potter books!


While I’m posting Dark Souls fan art, I did this piece for a competition, last year. Had a lot of fun with it, though I had to compromise my design due to time slipping away.

Looking at it agian, my Dark Souls 2 character, Rabbit, pretty much has the same look as my Dark Souls 1 character, Mouse. What can I say, love that dingy set.

Here’s a link to the real time 3d model of the final product;

important things tumblr will not teach you


  • hating everyone will get you nowhere
  • actual depression fucking sucks
  • having low self esteem isn’t cute
  • you are as pretty as you believe you are
  • cigarettes will kill you


crazy islander girl and her dog in their natural habitat




So fucking powerful.





here it is. here it is. my waifu chart. Yes !

your waifu chart is trash. i made it better. your welcome.

okay, you know what? i can understand speedwagon being better than some of these waifus. but you fucking put speedwagon over lisa lisa? that’s just so fucking wrong. you are so fucking wrong if you think speedwagon is better than lisa lisa at all. goodbye


Having to google internet slang your friend is using because you have no idea what the fuck it means.